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Lua talk

Hi! I hope you enjoyed my talk - at least it seems it got you curious to learn more about Lua. You can find my slides here, and below are a number of links that are the most valuable to anyone wanting to explore the hows or whys of Lua for the first time.

Programming in Lua (book)

A book written by the Lua authors that guides you through learning Lua with practical examples.

The first edition applies to Lua 5.0 and is available for free online. The second edition is available to buy, proceeds go to support the Lua project.

The Lua manual

The manual is the official and complete reference for Lua. Lua being as small as it is, the manual is quite easy to read as well as dip into for an answer to a specific question.

Lua-users community wiki

The lua-users.org site hosts a wiki full of information, tips and code snippets related to Lua.

The history and evolution of Lua (paper/PDF)

Those interested in how Lua got to where it is today, and why some things are the way they are, will be interested in reading this paper by the Lua authors. It gives in detail how both the Lua project and implementation developed, and reveals where some of Lua's philosophies originated.

The implementation of Lua (paper/PDF)

This technical paper describes in detail the internals of Lua, particularly how it manages to do so much with so little, and the reasoning behind some of the decisions taken in the design of the current Lua VM.

The unofficial Lua FAQ (online)

Both the Lua website and the wiki contain FAQs. However luafaq.org aims to completely cover every question a Lua newbie might have to ask. Proposals for changes/new questions are accepted on the mailing list.

Try Lua (online)

An interactive online interpreter where you can play with Lua.

Lua modules

You can find Lua modules in the LuaRocks repository and Lua Toolbox.