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Lpkg is a package manager written in Lua. I developed it primarily for use on the Neuros OSD, where no package manager existed.


  • Suitable for use where the root filesystem is read-only
  • Dependency and conflict support
  • Can use multiple repositories
  • Supports HTTP/FTP/filesystem repositories
  • Written in Lua, making it light and fast

Installing Lpkg

For instructions on installing Lpkg on a Neuros OSD, please see Installing Lpkg on the OSD.

Using Lpkg

Every repository of packages provides a feed (an .lpf file) to tell Lpkg what packages it contains. The feed file also tells Lpkg about the versions etc. of each package.

Managing feeds:

lpkg addfeed <url>
lpkg removefeed <url>
lpkg showfeeds <url>

Update information about all packages (by downloading each feed):

lpkg refresh

Install a package:

lpkg install <package name>

Remove a package:

lpkg remove <package name>

Show a list of packages:

lpkg list