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Available packages in my repository


wooble is a web interface for the OSD. It allows you to control your OSD via a web browser on your PC, iPhone or other device. For more information on wooble, see it's project page. Specifically the installation page can be found here.


Adds the mentioned support for iPhone and iPod Touch devices into wooble.


Turn your OSD into a NAS device by installing samba, allowing you to mount OSD-attached storage over the network. It allows you to access files stored on your OSD on Windows, Mac and Linux.

To start sambaserver after installing, run:

 lpkg control sambaserver start

The shares currently set up are 'data' (/media on the OSD) and 'USB' (a direct one to /media/USB).

I had problems with the 'data' share, others didn't. If you do too (but 'USB' works) then drop me a note.


nano is a friendly text editor which you can use in a telnet session to your OSD.


 nano <filename>

It is a nice alternative to vi, which is included on the OSD by default.


Intalls the latest version of lighttpd, a lightweight web server.

Note that lighttpd is included on the OSD by default, so you may not need this one for most things. If you are using wooble though, this one will be installed as it is necessary for that.

After installation you can run:

 lpkg control lighttpd start

which will stop the OSD's lighttpd and start Lpkg's.


There are more packages besides, but I won't list them here for now. Mostly they are libraries aimed at developers, but won't mean much to developers either until they have decent documentation :)