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Comments, ideas, suggestions and questions, right here please!

Wish List


  • Well… what would be really cool is a button you push and then it pops up a small “magic contact selector” which slowly scrolls down and shows your most chatted with contacts, and if you hit space, it would open a chat with that contact
  • The graphical interface should be as simple as possible but still be modern in look, feel and functionality. Filling up the interface with too many controls is also not advisable. The perfect contact list in my opinion and any interface as a matter of fact, should have a smooth feeling to it (smooth scroll, etc).
  • With the general idea of modernity and keeping it small and uncluttered, I think it's better to not show the contact avatars on the roster all the time, like most clients do. But what about the times you want to see them? The solution I find is this: when positioning your mouse pointer on the contact name, it would smoothly expand in height showing full description (avatar, status and any other extended information added by plugins).
  • Smooth effects and animations are good because it's easy on the eyes!
  • Lots of keyboard shortcuts :)
  • A non-intrusive message notification system. E.g.: Instead of popping out a box on the screen (like libosd does) when a user is chatting with someone and receives a new message from someone else, it seems smarter to for the notification to show in the chat window, where the user has his eyes focused and should not be distracted. It could replace the chat window's header (where the avatar and contact name are shown) for a short time saying “John wants to talk to you. Click the header to open a TAB.”.
  • A special effect that runs only on application initialization: the rooster contacts could be filled in with a fade-in effect, top to bottom, or anything else, the point being of making an attractive contact list and a adding a modern feel to it.

Useful features

  • A slash command to change status message and/or status type from any chat window (single or multi chat) - e.g. ”/status a:I'm available”, ”/status b:I'm busy”, ”/status i:I'm invisible”, ”/status na:I'm not available” and ”/status xa:I'm extended away”. Often used status messages should have similar commands: ”/status otf” for “On the phone”. The actual status message could be configurable (“On the phone”, “The phone is ringing”, “I'm talking on the phone”, etc.).
  • TAB-completion of nicknames should remember the last completed nickname from similar nicknames. Given the 3 nicknames 'John0', 'John1', and 'John2', initial TAB-completion would auto-complete to 'John' and the user next types the last letter(s)/number(s). Supposedly he typed '2', then the string becomes 'John2'. The next TAB completion would not start again with just 'John' but with 'John2'. This should work anywhere in the message (beginning, middle or end).
  • Remember and apply previous status on next login/init of app.
  • Advanced File Transfer Manager.
  • Keyboard shortcut to open up new message headlines. ie. a shortcut for the click on the trayicon that does the same thing.

Other clients

Under each, note anything that you don't like, no matter how small. Things that annoy you for example.. and things you wish they did differently. On the other hand, if you think there is something Tessa could learn from (good or bad), add that too!


  • Poor history support
  • No tabbed MUCs


  • Poor (and slow) history support
  • Poor poor poor poor Jabber support


  • Doesn't save groups' open/closed state
  • Doesn't support sub-groups
  • Tessa could also support merging accounts like Gajim
  • The bottom status changer could be a little bit smaller and uncluttered with so many menu items
  • Good (but a little buggy) history support
  • Does not reconnect automatically after a lost connection


  • Confusing options dialog
  • Ridiculous defaults for most settings
  • No built-in support of multiple accounts of the same protocol
  • No wizards to set up accounts easily


  • Can't call that a nice UI :)
  • No simple preferences
  • Avatars in the wrong place
  • No flexibility
  • Has more XEPs/JEPs implemented than most other clients


  • Very poor Jabber support
  • No MUC support
  • Cluttered default contact list window setup
  • Chat window beautifications (themes)
  • Buggy cryptography (PGP): doesn't work with only some clients
  • Confusing menu navigation for frequently used operations
  • Poor history support