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Verse is a Jabber/XMPP library for Lua. It is suited to both high-level (eg. publishing PEP nodes) and low-level (ie. manually crafting stanzas) use.

Finally rapid XMPP development is now a piece of cake. Currently it works on Linux, there is no reason it shouldn't work on Windows too, I just don't have any incentive to boot into Windows and compile it there. Please contact me if you're willing to provide a Windows build :-)

If you want to use Verse to write an XMPP bot in Lua then take a look at my other project, Riddim, a bot framework based on Verse.


2009-11-30 Finally the code that will comprise the next version of Verse is available in a repository: http://code.matthewwild.co.uk/verse This is a complete rewrite from previous versions. It no longer depends on Strophe, but just standard Lua modules like LuaExpat and LuaSocket. A proper release and documentation is on its way, real soon :-)

2008-10-15 After some time under wraps, version 0.5.6 is now released! In truth it managed to release itself, with it somehow being picked up by Google, I have been flooded with emails asking for the download link :-) The documentation page which Google found was preliminary, and uploaded there for my own reference. I have now updated it to reflect the Verse API as it currently stands. Please note that this is ALPHA status software. It does have crasher bugs, which I am aware of, when dealing with more than basic stanza handling (built-in events like message/presence/iq are not affected).