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This page is quite new, I haven't started many of the individual project pages yet. For more info on any of them, contact me!

Since many of my projects overlap, they are only roughly sorted by type. No doubt I probably forgot some too…

Update: I now have http://code.matthewwild.co.uk/ to host repositories of my various small projects. Feel free to take a look around! The projects below will make their way over there gradually.


Lpkg - Lua Package Manager (Lua)

wooble - Lua web interface for the Neuros OSD (Lua)
luaetta - FastCGI Lua interpreter (C++)


(You still won't escape Lua)

Prosody - Flexible lightweight XMPP server

Verse - Jabber/XMPP library for Lua

tessa - Jabber client, making heavy use of (you guessed it!) Lua

luabot - C++/Lua Jabber bot

xmoo - Lua scriptable server component, used here for online text adventure