Tessa IM is a new instant messenger application.
It allows for great flexibility being designed from the start with modularity (through plugins) and portability in mind.
It is a new project and if anyone wants to participate and help developing it, you can visit the the developer wiki for more information.
Further information can be gained by sending emails to our mailing list and joining our Jabber chat room tessa@conference.jaim.at.

Being currently in a pre-alpha like stage, Tessa IM comes with a set of start-off features that are nothing near to what the application will have in the future.
Tessa IM currently only has a plugin for Jabber/XMPP protocol communications using the gloox high-level XMPP library and has a wxWidgets (wxGTK) Graphical User Interface.
All elements are portable. Tessa IM is a portable application. It is known to have been built cleanly on both GNU/Linux based operating systems and Microsoft Windows systems. It has also been tested and built on x86_64 machines and operating systems.

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Thanks to Paul for this page!