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Hello! My name is, well, never mind.

About Me

I live in the UK and I'm one of those people who makes a living teaching computers how to do things.

I work predominantly with XMPP, an open standard protocol for exchanging packets of XML, most popularly used to power instant messaging servers such as jabber.org, Google Talk and Facebook. As of September 2009 I am serving on the XMPP Standards Foundation council, approving new specifications for acceptance and existing specifications for advancement to “final” status.

I'm also an open-source fan in general, and spend much of my time working on the Prosody IM XMPP server project that I founded in 2008. My other open-source contributions can be found on Ohloh.

I have pages here for some of my other Projects, but publish the code for many more projects at http://code.matthewwild.co.uk/ - it's all free!

If you are looking for something you can't find, or would just like to contact me via email to mwild1@gmail.com or on Jabber/XMPP at me@matthewwild.co.uk.