About Matthew

Software developer and open-source enthusiast

I am primarily a software developer with a passion for online communication. I wrote my first chat app when I was 11 - it ran over an RS-232 link and fit on a floppy disk.

After hoarding various personal projects on my hard drive for many years, I became enamoured with the concept of open-source. A number of projects I started and published openly became thriving communities - through which I have met, worked alongside and become friends with, many amazing people.

One particular community I became a part of was XMPP, and after various roles over the years, I am currently the executive director of the XMPP Standards Foundation.

At present, most of my time is spent working on Snikket, and the projects it builds upon, including Prosody and the XMPP protocol itself.

When I’m not coding (or tinkering with electronics), I enjoy reading, making music and walking among trees.